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Hummer exports begin from South Africa

Posted in News on Sep 12, 2007

General Motors have begun their export program of the H3 Hummer from South Africa, and have asked Kar-Tainer to pack the first 40 units which are to be exported to South America.

Kar-Tainer has designed a special palletized system which allows large commercial size vehicles to be loaded into standard shipping containers, without the necessity of personnel entering the container.

Kar-Tainer to trial with major U.S. Railroad

Posted in News on Aug 28, 2007

Kar-Tainer announced that it has entered into an agreement with a major U.S. Railroad. This agreement entails the trialing of their specialized container shipping cassettes on some specific U.S. routes where shipping containers are being re-positioned. As the Kar-Tainer system is not dedicated to the container it is shipped in, such re-positioning corridors are ideal for the economical use of the Kar-Tainer systems.

The trial is due to get under way before the end of September and could lead to a major break through for the containerized transportation of vehicles in the US.

Kar-Tainer Systems on route to Malaysia

Posted in News on Aug 28, 2007

Kar-Tainer, who demonstrated its new 4 car systems to the Far East/Asia market during a recent Autologistics Expo in Shanghai, has its first systems on route to this market. The first of many exporting manufacturers in the region will receive their systems by the end of September, in order to begin their first live shipments with the systems in October.

The exterior loading capabilities of the system mean that all major manufacturers are comfortable with the safety and vehicle security of the system, and this has enabled Kar-Tainer to deal directly, with confidence, with all vehicle manufacturers.

President and CEO, Richard Cox, said that having a good track record with manufacturers such as Daimler, BMW, VW, to name a few, has added a lot of credibility and made the selling job to these manufacturers that much easier.

Kar-Tainer tests in China and India

Posted in News on Jul 13, 2007

Vehicle manufacturers in both India and China are seeing the proven advantages of containerised shipment of their vehicles. Kar-Tainer systems, being the only solution that meets all manufacturers requirements, are providing equipment for these containerized moves. The system is the 4 car exterior loaded cassette system, the only system available that meets manufacturers and shipping lines specs.

Large Vehicle Solution

Posted in News on Jan 16, 2007

Kar-Tainer International has added yet another solution to the safe containerized transportation of vehicles. This once again involves the ease, space and security of external loading, but offers the ability to load very large heavy vehicles into containers without the problem of trying to extract drivers where there is no space. Vehicles are already lashed while outside the conatiner so there is no need for anyone to enter the container at any time.

Kar-Tainer’s New 4 Car System Passes All Tests

Posted in News on Dec 19, 2006

Kar-Tainer, who has been successfully transporting cars in containers, in both 3 and 4 car configurations since the mid 90′s, has successfully released and tested their new simple 4 car system to supplement their current systems. This system is based on a single car per cassette, making handling a dream, and is very easy to operate, with no specialized equipment required. In response to maufacturers’ requests Kar-Tainer has kept with the exterior loading principle, hence there is no need for personnel to enter the container at any time, and the system is in no way attached to the container.

Kar-Tainer had the official release of this system in Malaysia in October, photos are on the web site, and due to demand for this system, has begun a heavy production schedule for the equipment, with existing, and new contracts to fill.

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