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New Kar-Tainer 5 car cassettes begin operation in India

Posted on Jan 03, 2010

The first live shipment of Maruti cars were shipped on Kar-Tainer’s newest car carrying system, the 5 car exterior loaded cassette system, and passed with flying colours. What looks like a trend in the motor vehicle logistics industry in India, Kar-Tainer, in association with its exclusive Indian partner, Adani Logistics, began rail shipments between Delhi and Adani’s port of Mundra, for Maruti exports. The first 45 sets had arrived and a full live shipment was carried out last week – photos attached – a further 90 sets are due to arrive next week, and a significant order will be placed for more of the systems before the end of February.

Maruti quality personnel, who were present at the loading and discharge, gave the system a full thumbs up, and could only request that they want much higher volumes transported in this manner.

Mercedes Benz Trial a Complete Success

Posted on Nov 12, 2009

The trial involving the shipping of 4 “C” Class Mercedes Benz saloon cars from East London, South Africa, to Bremerhaven, Germany, was completed this week with the successful unload at the BLG facility in Bremerhaven. The move was carried out on Kar-Tainer’s new 4 car exterior loading cassette system and was a complete success. The unload was carried out with BLG, Safmarine and Daimler Quality personnel present, and the system passed all quality requirements needed to ship Mercedes Benz vehicles in the future.

Kar-Tainer Trials with Spoornet in South Africa

Posted on Oct 31, 2009

Spoornet, the South African rail operator, has been supplied with a 3 and a 4 vehicle exterior loading cassette system to trial for vehicle moves between main inland and coastal destinations in South Africa.

With emphasis from the highest level endeavoring to reduce excessive road congestion, Spoornet is looking for an economical and secure way to transport vehicles around the country. The Kar-Tainer patented systems provide such a solution, and will also provide revenue while repositioning ISO containers. With Kar-Tainer’s certification from such reputable organisations as  the American Association of Railroads, rail is just another intermodal transportation medium successfully utlising Kar-Tainer systems.

Kar-Tainer Carries out 4 Car Test for Daimler

Posted on Oct 28, 2009

Kar-Tainer, in conjunction with Safmarine, is carrying out a 4 car containerised shipping test for Daimler, using the “C” class Mercedes Benz passenger vehicle manufactured at their plant in East London, South Africa. The vehicles were loaded and shipped out of East London earlier in October and are due to arrive in Bremerhaven, Germany, for unpacking the first week of November.

Kar-Tainer has extensive experience with both Daimler and Safmarine, having completed a contract earlier this decade for the shipment of 118,000 “C” class vehicles from East London to England.  Daimler has joined the long list of manufacturers emphasising the necessity to have containerised vehicles loaded outside the container, to ensure vehicle and personnel safety, something that Kar-Tainer’s patented systems have catered for.

Kar-Tainer confirms first exterior loading cassette order for India

Posted on Oct 18, 2009

Kar-Tainer, in conjunction with its Indian agent, Adani Logistics, has confirmed its first order for its latest 5 car cassette systems. Kar-Tainer developed this system, particularly, for the small locally manufactured cars, which are a big part of the industry in this country. It is based on its exterior loaded 4 car technology, but utilises extra space made available because of the vehicle size. Manufacturers in India have expressed the desire, for personal and vehicle safety, to be able to load vehicles outside the container – something that has become a universal standard within the industry.

This order, with equipment expected in India early December, is likely to be the first of a significant move in this direction, for the Kar-Tainer patented systems. Kar-Tainer equipment, in the form of its smaller portable ramp systems, are already used extensively in this market.

5 Car Cassette System Hits India

Posted in News on Jun 15, 2009

Kar-Tainer’s first live testing of their 5 car cassette system was carried out in New Delhi, India in association with Adani Logistics and Maruti, and was a complete success. From these tests it appears that Maruti has asked that their vehicles currently being shipped from the northern region to the south will use this mode of containerised transportation, with volumes rapidly increasing over the next months.

Systems for this will be manufactured in South Africa over the next few months and shipped to India with anticipated moves beginning in September.

Possibilities are there for other Indian manufacturers as well such as Mahindra and Mahindra and Tata with their new small Nano vehicle.

Kar-Tainer develops new 5 car cassette system

Posted in News on Mar 26, 2009

In response to the progressive Indian vehicle market, Kar-Tainer has developed a 5 car cassette system, a system utilizing the patented exterior loading principles that Kar-Tainer has become known for. The system is in its final phases of development, and will be doing live testing in India, in conjunction with its agent, Adani Logistics, by mid year.

Adani Logistics already uses Kar-Tainer systems for domestic vehicle moves, but this looks to be going into its next phase, and much higher volumes.

Kar-Tainer appears in Finished Vehicle Logistics magazine

Posted in News on Mar 26, 2009

Kar-Tainer CEO, Richard Cox, was highlighted in the Cars in Containers section of the April-June edition of the Finished Vehicle Logistics magazine. Once agin pronouncing the safety advantages of the Kar-Tainer exterior loading principles, along with the flexability of using standard shipping containers that do not need to be dedicated to a particular service.

Successful Rail Trial Completed

Posted in News on Oct 28, 2007

The rail trial carried out in association with BNSF, and in conjunction with General Motors and Ford Motor Company, was completed in Los Angeles last week, and deemed a complete success. The Kar-Tainer exterior loaded cassette system proved to be all its President and CEO, Richard Cox, said it would be. The large GM and Ford commercial vehicles arrived safely and were discharged quickly and with little effort.

It appears there may be more trials in the near future involving different model vehicles, but it would appear that the Kar-Tainer systems passed these rail tests with flying colors.

India Tests for Kar-Tainer systems

Posted in News on Oct 28, 2007

Kar-Tainer personnel arrive in India this week to carry out tests for both domesctic and international Indian vehicle shipments. The Indian market, regarded by Kar-Tainer, as a very strategic market in the future of global vehicle manufacture and distribution, is an area that Kar-Tainer is concentrating a lot of its efforts on over the next few years. It is definitely one of the growth markets, Ian Pienaar, KTI manager, stated when boarding his flight from Johannesburg this week end.

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