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First MG cassettes leave for China

Posted on Aug 07, 2012

The first shipments in the MG contract start in October with the shipment of the first 40 cars from Shanghai, China to South Africa. The first cassettes, being built in South Africa now, leave for China next week, with the first 40 cars being packed at the end of September, with more to follow.

SRX Unload Shanghai

Posted on Aug 07, 2012

SRX Unload Shanghai

Kar-Tainer to undergo a second pilot test with GM

Posted on Jul 11, 2012

A second pilot shipment of SRX vehicles to be shipped from Houston to Shanghai is scheduled for later this month. This second pilot, which will incorporate minor modifications to the KTI systems, as a result of the first pilot, is being undertaken before the first shipment has even reached Shanghai. The first pilot is scheduled for unload in Shanghai early August.

Kar-Tainer carries out pilot shipment for GM

Posted on Jun 28, 2012

Kar-Tainer has started a test shipment for the export of the GM SRX vehicle from Mexico to Shanghai, China. The first pilot was loaded in Houston last week, and is on way to Shanghai, for pilot unload at the beginning of August. Vehicles are projected to be railed to Houston for container packing and shipped ex Houston to Shanghai. Photos of trial are in the Gallery section.

Kar-Tainer produces exterior loading systems for shipment of motor cycles

Posted on Jun 13, 2012

Responding to a need in the Indian market Kar-Tainer has designed and patented an exterior loading cassette system for the containerized shipment of motor cycles. The system, following the principles of the exterior loading vehicle systems, will ship 40 cycles per 40ft container, in modules of 10. The system is currently carrying out test shipments in India.

Protons Arrive in Durban on KTI ramps

Posted on Aug 02, 2011

A trial shipment of 4 containers of 16 Proton cars arrived in Durban, South Africa on Kar-Tainer portable ramps, from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This is a first trial shipment, which subject to the cars acceptance in the SA market, could be the beginning of many more.

Cars were packed by KTI’s agent in Malaysia, Eastern Logistics. All vehicles arrived in perfect condition.

Kar-Tainer confirms further order and growth in India

Posted on Nov 17, 2010

Kar-Tainer has confirmed the receipt of a further order with agent, Adani Logistics in India. This order of 495 x 5 car cassettes will bring the number in circulation with Adani to over 1,500 units. The monthly shipping numbers, currently standing at 4-5,000 units per month with Maruti are increasing, and will be in the vicinity of 6-8,000 vehicles per month in the new year, once this order is delivered.

Delivery will be complete by end of January 2011, and it is envisaged that the monthly shipping volume of Maruti vehicles alone will shortly grow to 10,000 per month. This is mainly for domestic use, and still does not touch the ever increasing export market for Maruti.

Kar-Tainer completes trial for BMW

Posted on Jul 25, 2010

Kar-Tainer completed another successful shipping trial, this time for BMW;  a shipment between their factory in Rosslyn, South Africa, and Bremerhaven, Germany. The shipment was a complete success, with cars arriving in the same condition that they left the factory, 5 weeks previously.

The equipment used was the patented KTI 4 car, exterior loading cassette system, the same as used for the Mercedes Benz C Class trials back in May of this year.

Kar-Tainer Successfully completes trials to US for Daimler

Posted on May 11, 2010

Kar-Tainer has just completed three trial shipments to the Daimler US destinations from their South African manufacturer in East London, South Africa, with complete success. The shipments which came into each of the US VPC destinations of Brunswick, Baltimore and Carson, were carried out in conjunction with Safmarine.

Kar-Tainer closes another Indian order

Posted on Apr 12, 2010

Kar-Tainer has received a further order for its 5 car exterior loading cassette systems, which will further expand its presence in the Indian logistics marketplace. The order, for 810 x 5 car cassette systems, has been placed by its agent, Adani Logistics, and will allow Adani to increase its capacity for the domestic and export movements of its Maruti/Suzuki contract.

With the introduction of the exterior loading systems to this route, damage ratios and vehicle condition has improved to near perfect, an important factor as volumes continually increase. A further order is expected around mid year.

For the first timer Kar-Tainer is commissioning local manufacture of this order, which further enhances Kar-Tainer’s commitment to a very strategic and growing market.

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