Kar-Tainer Benefits

Kar-Tainer International provides a solution for the transportation of both CBU (Completely Built Up) vehicles, and SKD (Semi Knocked Down) vehicle bodies, with similar patented technology, and therefore common cassette based systems.

Kar-Tainer is the global leader in the containerised transportation of motor vehicles. Damage ratios that run at the unheard of level of 0.02% are a proven fact. 3, 4, and even 5 cars can be securely packed into a 40ft high cube container - but most importantly the vehicles are not driven into the container, a container can be loaded in 5 minutes with nothing attached to it, no chains for leveraging vehicles, and no personnel inside the container during the loading process.

Compare such damage ratios of RORO, approximately 3-5%, and competitive container packing in excess of this, Kar-Tainer is the safest most secure containerised transportation provider in the market today. It is also the only provider that can accommodate the high volume moves, and therefore has become a very real alternative to the RORO and PCC forms of transportation.

Comparison with Auto-Carrier Shipping

Higher frequency of sailingsyesyes
Low damage ratiosyesyes
Low insurance costsyesyes
Superior security from theftyesyes
Single vs multiple handlingyesyes

Comparison to other Auto Shippers

Reduced incidence of damage yesyes
Meets stringent OEM handling specifications yesyes
Extensive experience with global manufacturers yesyes
No upfront costs - affordable lease rates yesyes
Load from ground to Container on Chassis yesyes
Pre-stage Loaded Cassettes yesyes
Container Loaded in Less than 5 Minutes yesyes
No Personnel in Container during Loading yesyes
No Attachments to Container yesyes
No Chains or moving Parts yesyes


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